I am currently 35 weeks pregnant. I have been getting adjustments for 5 or 6 weeks now. This is my second child and I have had excruciating pelvic girdle pain since early in my second trimester, about level 8 pain all day every day. I started coming here for adjustments and it has been night and day. I am able to go about my day to day life with minimal pain. I feel so much relief and cannot thank these doctors enough. Also, every time I visit the entire staff are extremely nice and the atmosphere is wonderful. I would say if you have pelvic girdle pain and are pregnant schedule an appointment right away, you don’t have to suffer like I did!

You cannot get any better care than this office. The team and doc are the best. They know who you are by name, they are always on time. It feels like my 2nd home when I walk in the door every time. Dr. Burke knows her business and will always fix whatever is ailing you. By and far the best chiropractor and staff in this area God bless everyone here. Thanks for always getting me in when I knock something out of whack.!!!

I live in Rhode lsland ….. the next best thing besides seeing my kids is the Awesome service at Family Island Chiropractic ….. they make you feel right at home ….

I have come to accept that with age comes physical limitations. I had never been to a chiropractor before. I did not know what to expect. What 1 found was caring atmosphere and a real solution to my pain. I am thankful God has given such talent to Kristen Burke, the massage therapist and staff. Mahalo!

Dr. Burke and her staff have been wonderful to my daughter. paislee is 17 months and has been fighting with ear infections for several months now due to teething. I was referred by a dear friend of mine and I can’t say enough good about them. It’s a blessing to myself and my daughter we are going on a solid month of no Dr visit or antibiotics for almost a month and a half. A thank you isn’t even enough for how grateful l am for this chiropractic family!

I first came to Fleming Island Chiropractic for pain in my lower back. They took me in immediately gave me massage therapy, traction, and an adjustment. Within 3 days My pain was greatly reduced! Dr. Burke, the massage therapist, and office staff are all incredible.

I had been skeptical of going to a Chiropractor for most of my adult life; however, there comes a time when we need to seek as much information as possible and make a decision based on that. I was faced with a situation of taking, yet another round of steroids prescribed by my medical doctor. While I do trust my medical doctor, I felt taking another steroid round was not a good choice for me. Many of my acquaintances, and a family member spoke very highly of Dr. Kristen Burke, so I arranged to visit her practice. I’ve had a great experience, and gained much insight about my body and much relief from her practices. Dr. Burke’s staff was also beneficial in making my visits pleasant. I only regret that I am moving. Any one in this area looking to gain a true feeling of wellness would benefit from using Fleming Island Family Chiropractic. Thank you Dr. Kristen and your staff for taking care of me.

They set up our family with a great care plan, with massages along with top notch adjustments!

I have been under chiropractic care for most of my adult life me this practice is by far the best. The entire staff are very warm and caring. I highly recommend this office.

I LOVE Dr. Kristen and her entire staff! They are so helpful and friendly. She saved our family from visiting the Pediatric Doctor all the time because she has eliminated ear infections and strep throat entirely from our family. The regular adjustments have also alleviated my severe back pain. I have been going there for 10 years and have had my kids adjusted there just as long. We LOVE and appreciate her and her great staffl

Wow! What a difference since last Friday, less than 1 week! First, my shoulder and the wonders you & your staff have done to make it better!!! Then, the deep tissue massage today was fantastic! And I’ve been drinking plenty of water since then too, LOL! But I think the thing that has completely surprised me was how you treated my sinuses tonight, they have been draining since I left and my sinus pressure across my face and my headache are gone! And with no medication in my system! Thank you so much Dr. Burke!!’!